Monday, July 6, 2009

Catherine Ann's Nursery is all ready!!!

Catherine Ann's nursey is all ready for her! The theme in her room is butterflies...(in honor of my grandmother)...and the colors we chose are pale green, chocolate brown and light pink. :-)

And....obviously she is already spoiled...and she's not even here yet! But I am just amazed how full her closet is...She is definitely gonna be the best dressed! :-)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pregnancy Photos

Time for another update!! :-)
I had some pregnancy photo's taken so that I had them for memories...but also to give to Nick for Father's day! He had no idea...and the surprise turned out beautifully! :-) I figured Memphis was the best theme...Nick and I are HUGE Memphis fans...and pretty much Catherine Ann is a fan since before birth!! :-)

(Painting by Amy Whiteside - Photos by Jennifer Dickerson-Photography)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on life...

Well, since its been so long since my last posting...I guess I need to get you up to date on all the latest happenings in our lives! :-)
May was a busy month for going back to the first weekend...
Nick and I traveled to Nashville for Candice and Matthew's engagement party. We had a wonderful time and it was great getting to catch up with them! Below are some pictures from the weekend! :-)

Caitlin, Me, Candice, Sarah, Lindsey

Nick, Matthew, Brandon

Nick and I

Candice and I

Now, on to the second weekend of May!

Nick's longtime friend, Marta, graduated from the University of Memphis and we attended her graduation party! We had a blast! (On a side note: It's amazing how much my belly grew from the first weekend to the second weekend!) :-)

Fred, Courtney, Me, Nick

Amy, Mr. Greg, Me

Nick, Me, Marta, Eric

Me and Marta

Amy, Marta, Beth, Me

Nick and Marta

And now begins the weekends of baby showers! :-)

The third weekend of May...our baby shower at church!

Now....the 4th weekend in May...Catherine Ann's baby shower given by Marianne and her mom!

Mrs. Harris, Me, Marianne

Patricia, Kiki, Kayla, Mrs. Golladay

Amanda, Jessica, Me, Marianne

Kayla, Mrs. Golladay, Traci, Abbi, Mrs. Pyrdom

Me and Kayla (the last preggo pic I have of her!!)

The 3 preggos...Jessica, Me, Kayla

Jessica, Amanda, Me, Marianne, Kayla

Kim (my sister), Me, Mom

The 5th weekend of May and many more events are still to come! I just don't have access to the pictures at the moment! Stay tuned... :-)

P.S. Catherine Ann has dropped! Over the weekend she went from being in my rib cage to being below my belly button! I think she will be here sooner than we think!! :-)

Monday, May 11, 2009


Well - we finally got Catherine Ann's furniture! Mom and Dad are already spoiling her - and she's not even here yet! :-) Isn't it beautiful!?!
The color is Espresso - and it goes very nicely with the colors we have chosen for her room! Everything is starting to come together quite well - I couldn't be any more pleased!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nick's 24th Birthday!

Well...Nick's got another year under his belt! He's now 24 years old!

It was a last minute thing that I threw together...but I decided to throw Nick a "little surprise" party. He knew that we were coming to Mom and Dad's to celebrate his birthday...but he had NO IDEA that his family and friends would be there too! All day I was preparing...I baked TWO cakes... (because Nick requested a "Funfetti' cake...and I didn't figure everyone would want I also made a strawberry cake too...), and chocolate chip cookies. I even tied balloons to the mailbox so that everyone would be able to find the house...since most hadn't been to the house. Around noontime...Nick called me and asked me what the plans were for tonight. I told him that we didn't have any plans other than going to Mom and Dad's for dessert. So, he asked me if it would be alright to have some friends over tonight to celebrate his birthday. I told him that would be fine...(*keep in mind...Nick still doesn't realize that his friends and family are going to be at Mom and Dad's waiting for him to get there...because it's a surprise! ) So, as Nick starts calling around to invite people over tonight...I go into a panic and start calling everyone to let them know that Nick still doesn't know about the surprise party and to just play along with Nick inviting them over to our new apartment. (hehe - so sneaky!) So...around 5:45pm...I am headed home. Nick made dinner...(yes, I know - I should have cooked him dinner, but he likes to cook! :-) ) After dinner, we got ready and headed out to mom and dad's. As we came pulling up to the house...Nick sees the balloons tied to the mailbox and everyone's cars parked out front...and says, "Wait a minute, what's going on here?" :-) I just look as him and smile...and then start to tear up! (Probably my hormones talking...but I was just so excited that I had succeeded at throwing this last minute surprise party!)

The night was a success and everyone had a good time! We had a great turn out and I am very thankful for those that were able to make it! :-)